Research View 2015 Vol.018-023

リサーチコモンズwebsite では、2015年度より、インタビュー記事公開の約1カ月後に、同サイト上で英語版も公開しています。このたび、約半年分の記事が集まりましたので、まとめてご紹介いたします。


Research Commons | Research View018

Visualization for Discovering New Facts from Data
Image Data Analysis
Professor Tomoko Matsui, Associate Professor Ryo Yoshida
Research Commons | Research View019

People’s Actions Have a Pattern
Analysis of meta-knowledge structures
Associate Professor Yusuke Miyao

Research Commons | Research View020

Adventure of the Blooming Data Centric Science
Earth and Environment Data
Professor Kaoru Sato

Research Commons | Research View01821

Supporting Structures for Building Great Teams
Data Assimilation and Simulation Support Technologies
Director-General Tomoyuki Higuchi

Research Commons | Research View022

Moving Toward a Better Society Using Knowledge Gained from Data
Human and Social Data
Professor Satoshi Yamashita

Research Commons | Research View023

New Ecosystems Found in Glaciers Near the Equator
Earth and Environmental Systems
Jun Uetake